Lesson 2: Email Marketing and Automation

Welcome to my second Lesson in Funnel Building mastery. In this Lesson, I will begin where I left of the in the last video.

Here, You will learn how you can set up an email marketing tool and then integrate it with Clickfunnels so that you can keep in touch with your leads who signs up via the Squeeze page.

Let it be a welcome email, drip campaign, thank you email etc. I will teach you how to do it.

Now, some of you guys would want to know how our sales funnel will look like in the end. So, here it is,

The Sales page and the thank you pages will be designed in our next video lessons. There are 2 thank you pages because one is for the lead magnet and other is for the purchased product.

As you can see, when a person subscribes to our email list, that person will be redirected to the thank you page and then we will send them the checklist as promised through an email. The thank you page will contain a video or something about the product that you intend to sell. If he clicks through that, he will end up on your sales page. He may or may not end up buying the product.

So, to make sure that he buys our product, we will send him 3 or 4 emails in subsequent days. These emails will promote our product and will link to the sales page. That way, more people in your list are more likely to convert into customers. And at last, they end up on the thank you page.

Setting up The Email Marketing Tool

There are hundreds of email marketing tools available on the internet. I recommend Getresponse because they are cheap and has all the tools that a typical business would want.

To register on Getresponse, go to getresponse.com and click on “Sign Up Free” which will give you a 30-day free trial.

The basic plan of Getresponse costs just $15/month and that would be perfect for now.

Integrate Both Clickfunnels and Getresponse

The first thing to do is integrate both these tools so that we can begin our start receiveing leads from Clickfunnels to your Getresponse account.

To integrate them, do the following,

Step 1. Retrieve Your GetResponse API Key

  • Open GetResponse, navigate to the top left under “Menu” and click “Integrations & API.”
  • Click “API.” and then click on “Generate API Key”
  • Give a name and then click on “Generate”
  • Copy your API Key. 

Step 2. Integrate GetResponse with ClickFunnels

  • Now go to ClickFunnels Integrations settings, select “Add New Integration.”
  • Search for GetResponse. 
  • Give your integration a Nickname. 
  • Paste your API Key. 
  • Click “Add Integration.” (If you get an error, read the below Note)

Important Note – Are you seeing an Error? You will need to contact Getresponse support for this. Tell them that the integration with Clickfunnels isn’t working. They will enable the old API in the backend, and you will then be able to integrate. The customer support of Getresponse is really fast, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Step 3. Final step

  • Go to the landing page that you made using Clickfunnels.
  • On the top menu, click on “Integrations”
  • Then Select Getresponse from the drop-down.
  • That’s it!

Setting up Your Automation Workflow

With Getreponse, you have the power to send emails however you want. It can be an email sequence, drip campaign or even a small automated thank you email.

For this tutorial, we will be sending the checklist(lead magnet) as soon as they sign up to our list in the squeeze page.

And then in the next 3-4 days we will start sending them an email sequence where we promote our product in the sales funnel(More about setting up sales pages will be discussed in  tomorrow’s video lesson.)

First, we need to set up a list where our subscribers will be stored.

To do this, Go to lists and create a new list. Give it any name that you like. This is where all the email address gets stored once they signup through our squeeze page.

After that, go to Drafts and click on “create newsletter”. You will be asked to enter the subject, recipients and design the email.

Just enter the subject and content for your first email (ie, the welcome email with a link to the checklist.) and then click on save as draft. (You do not need to enter the recipients.)

Now, Draft 3 or 4 more emails which promotes your product. These email needs to be sent after the welcom email.

Once all the emails are drafted, we can set up our automation workflow. An automation workflow will help you send emails automatically when a particular event happens.

To do that, go to automation by clicking on the menu.

Then click on “Start Your First WorkFlow”. There will be a lot of templates that you can choose from. I recommend you start from scratch.

Then design a workflow which look like this. It’s pretty easy to design, anyone can do it.

Congrats, you have now set up a fully functional automation workflow. 

Now, in the next tutorial(Video lesson), I will show you how to set up a sales pages for your funnel. 

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