Here are some of the most common questions that people encounter when they start my training. I thought I would just clear it up so that you won’t get confused along the way!

1) Should I add More Pages to my Funnel Other than What you Have Provided?

Yes! If you have a proper funnel strategy in mind that includes more than just a squeeze page, sales page and a thank you page. You should definitely build them too.

This tutorial just covers the basics so that it can help you build a more powerful funnel.

If you want a more advanced training that covers a lot more, then I suggest you look into this one.

2) Why Clickfunnels? And Not any other Funnel Builders?

Clickfunnels, in my opinion, is the best funnel builder out there. There are other alternatives to this but none of them can match closely to this software.

After Clickfunnels, the other builder which I would recommend is Kartra. It’s also one of the best.

Now, Some may think that I am promoting Clickfunnels just because I am an affiliate to them.

Yes, I am a Clickfunnels affiliate! But that’s not why I am promoting it (just 30% commission). I can get a lot higher commissions if I promote Kartra(40% Commission). But, I still chose Clickfunnels since it’s proven software for many!

If you have any more questions regarding this course Please contact me at admin@funnelnomad.com.